Author Topic: VS Oversize Ti - 173, 2006  (Read 137 times)


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VS Oversize Ti - 173, 2006
« on: October 03, 2007, 12:01:43 pm »
Have not seen much on the VS oversize Ti ski, 2006 year ski, so my impression:
length 173, 118-66-104
I have had a great time on this ski, it is a hard pack lover. It is nice and quick, lots of edge hold. It just loves short radius carved turns in the fall line on hard snow/cord. After 15 or 20 turns on the steep if you relax a bit it will put you in the back seat as you release the edge, so it keeps you honest. It really prefers smooth or cord conditions, crud no fun.
It also works very well on fast GS style turns. I swap-ed my VS Ti's back and forth with an Atomic B5 Premium one day and found the B5 to be very rock solid, firm, stable and confidence building and it loves fast. It was actually difficult to break it out of a carve to skid into a stop. In comparison the VS Ti felt very light and quick a bit more snap out of the turn and not as stable feeling. I also found the VS ti worked very well in boot top light snow. However, in afternoon soft snow I found the ski to be hard work they wanted to lay down more edge then required, but that is probably all my problem. .