Author Topic: BOOT Fitting experience review!  (Read 618 times)


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Re: BOOT Fitting experience review!
« on: October 06, 2006, 03:08:20 pm »
Ron, both the Head RD and RS 96 come in a 310 sole length (300 is the next size down). The 310 is a 27. The RD is very stiff. For me the RS 96 (130 flex vs. 150-160 on the RD) is perfect.

If you need a 305, Nordica is 315, 305 and 295. The Head's run on the small side so the 310 may be perfect. My feet are 268mm's long (probably 271-272 if you go to the end of the heel vs the bootom of the foot on the floor) and I had only 2-3mm' behind the heel when I shelled the 310.

It's an awesome boot. You will love it. I have never seen them cheap online. JB.