Author Topic: LOOK PX12 TI LIFTER BINDINGS  (Read 491 times)

Dave T

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« on: October 03, 2006, 02:28:47 pm »
Look bindings have always been my binding of choice. From the early Look Nevadas, grand prixs and todays P series.  I have skied others and unfortunately I was on a pair of Tyrolia diagonals when I shattered (spiral and tibia plateau) fracture of my left leg.  The situation that caused my leg fracture was really unbelievable and probably can not be duplicated.  That being said i will never ski on Tyrolias again just for the psychological factor. 

I currently have Look P10s on 2 pairs of skis.  The Look bindings have great shock absorbancy (hence can bee skied safely at low DIN settings if desired) and have the most lateral movement before release.   The Look design has some limitations in heel movement during severe compressions.  that being said. Great Binding and good match for the Dynastar 8000.