Author Topic: A lesson (expensive one) in bootfitting  (Read 682 times)


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Re: A lesson (expensive one) in bootfitting
« on: September 19, 2006, 09:14:13 pm »
Ron, the one lesson I learned in getting my last pair of boots (Head Rs 96) is that most bootfitters don't really wnat to deal with the aggravation and issues that occur with a truly tight fit. I worked with Harald a ton (and my firend Thro Kallerud) and they both told me to buy a plug type boot that was unskiable before work. It was very painful before the work and most bootfitters don't want to do all the work necessary in a boot this tight.

Toes can easily gain 5mm in a plug boot so there is no reason to have any room up there. My boots before work had less than .5mm behind the heel when shelled. After 2 hours of work and footbeds by Diana, they are the most comfortable pair of boots I have ever had.

Again, most bootfitters don't want to take the risk that you will decide that the boot is too tight after all the work. You will need to ask for it.

Personally, I wouldn't have anyone besides Harald and Diana set me up in boots, but living in CA it's easier for me to get there. JB.