Author Topic: Fischer RX 8 info...I think  (Read 792 times)


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Re: Fischer RX 8 info...I think
« on: September 15, 2006, 11:16:13 am »
Thanks JB...I think it's poor business if they put out a product that was labeled this years and somehow, their left hand didn't know what the right hand was doing.

Our local shop doesn't have the new RX8's in yet. When they do, I'll head over and see for myself and let all know what I find.

I'm pretty sure the sandwich construction is going to have a different flavor on the snow....better or best...I guess that depends on where and who's turning them.

Still, for those who want performance and aren't so hyped up by the latest and the greatest...the " deal hunters".....the 04-05 and 05-06 RX8's ROCK!

Hey................'s snowing somewhere in the US of A!!!!!!