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Re: 82 vs none now
« on: September 22, 2006, 12:34:06 pm »
Michael, I actually think you made a nice addition to your quiver. Everyone I have ever spoken with who owns the Spatulas absolutely loves them. I see alot of them on big Pow days at Squaw and for Squaw with 2 feet of fresh, they seem like excellent skis. It's also interesting that Peter gave the Spatulas a very good review when they were first produced. This was not the case on the K2 Pontoons this year.

My hesitation on the Spatulas has always been that they require you to skid, even in the powder. I have worked too hard to learn how to carve and I didn't want a ski that requires that I employ different technique.

Having said that, on a big pow day, it appears that these are really fun skis that actually make big mountain skiing easier.

Please post your review as soon as you ski them in some deep stuff. JB.