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Re: 82 vs none now
« on: September 22, 2006, 09:50:51 am »
The hunt is over & the choice is a strange one.

I pulled the trigger again, and this one is really different. I hope we get lots of deep snow in Beaver Creek, because I bought a new pair of... Spatula's!!!!!!!!I'll have to wait for powder, or at least 4 inches of crud before these babies come out. Part of the appeal is that its the most unusual ski ever made and that it will require a whole new technique.

So now I have three skis in my quiver; The Fischer WC RC which is best on ice and not especially good on any other surface, The Volant Spatula which needs to be on very soft snow and is useless on any other surface, and the Dynastar Intuitive 74 which I will need daily to save me from myself.



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