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Re: 82 vs none now
« on: September 04, 2006, 10:13:08 am »
Thanks Michael, pretty pumped up about getting them on the snow. Hopefully I'll grab a few runs before we get out to Beaver Creek.

Hey, let me know what skis you're looking for....the Ski Company has some mountain demo's at bargin prices. I would be happy to see if they have what you want. My wife needed to rent powder skis in Aspen last season so she got on a pair of Head Wild Thangs, 156 length...(she's only 106lbs) anyways, they had a pair of demo's there which I purchased for $250...when I got them home, I checked them out closely, not a mark, a scratch, ....I don't think they ever made it on the snow. Lucked out there!

I know they had a bunch of Volant, I saw somw Elans Mag 12's, .....let me know brand and length if  you're looking at used.

I could also see what kind of price I could get on new as well.