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flex me baby!!!

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Hey Gang,
I can feel the change of season coming. The external cue is our local ski shops are having their early season, "get out of the way, rush to the door and buy new gear" ski sale.

And watch me now here I go...

Well, I've decided to trade the fairly new IM77's for the IM88's . Was talking with Ron who owns the IM 82s about the listed manufacturers flex of these skis. He has? the IM82 with a 16.10 and my IM 77's flex is 15.29. The flex is marked on the tails of the skis along with the turning radius and ski diimensions.

Does anyone know what the flex on the IM88 would be in the 175 length? Does the ski length have any bearing on the flex?

Also, does anyone know what these numbers actually stand could assume on a sliding scale that the higher the number the stiffer feeling the ski might be.

We've got Beaver Creek planned in December where Michael, Ron and myself will be attending and all you real skiers are invited to join us. Then my wife and I hit Jackson Hole, our first time, in Jan for our anniversary celebration....yes, I know I'm a lucky guy. Got a great deal on some Head Wild Thang's for my wifes powder ski. She skied them in knee high last January in Aspen and loved them.

Hope to get those 88's in some knee high powder this year!

Here's hoping for an awesome ski season for all!


I have M72 and there is a mark for f-index on the tail. I'm positive that f-index stands for float index and represents number of square centimeters of gliding surface.


Are you sure that's not flex index?

98.7% sure

Without drawing in AutoCad it's a bit difficult to calculate exact area, but let's try something simplified:  iM77 in 177cm have gliding length of about 165cm and average width for 119/77/104 of let's say 93mm (9.3cm).

165 x 9.3 = 1534.5 cm2

That is very close to 1529 (if that is the number from your skis).

The longer or wider the skis are, the number is going up.

Yeah, now that i think about it, the flex index is for their boots. It would make sense that the number goes down as the ski narrows but in reality what is the purpose of the index? I mean, do we really have to have a calculation to show that a 72mm ski will have less float than a 77 or 82?



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