Author Topic: What are you doing to get ready for Steamboat?  (Read 180 times)


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Re: What are you doing to get ready for Steamboat?
« on: August 14, 2007, 12:37:54 pm » poorly you have misjudged me on this subject matter. Clearly, to know me is to undersatnd me. I am truly a leader in my field having created the sport of Tandum down hill.'re saying.."now why didn't I think of this".....

If you would both meet me at the run known as 2 o'clock on Dec 16th, Jim can be the the tandee and Ron the tandor...simply, Ron clicks into his brand new IM 78 skis, Jim stands on the tops and I the specialist and leader in the field of Tandum Skiing, gives Ron a wee push and off you go. Can ya just see the look on other skiers faces as they pull over to watch in awe as 2 grown men fly down the mountain on the same pair of skis. Turning is optional and may require syncroniized PMTS technique to accomplish.

Just think guys, you could double the amount of skis you own if you adopt Tandum Downhill as your primary ski style. The possabilties are just endless.

Yup...I'm a true visionary with nicely waxed ski tops!