Author Topic: What are you doing to get ready for Steamboat?  (Read 180 times)


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Re: What are you doing to get ready for Steamboat?
« on: August 14, 2007, 08:44:41 am »
Ron..where do you find "bumbells" for your lunges? Under bridges..soup lines....and do you strap them to your back?

Lynn, yoga and biking...awesome combination for training. Also, some great wider ski choices for your consideration might be the Head Wild Thang, my wifes, 2nd ski in a 156 length or possibly the K2 Lyv in a 153 or 160 length.

Jim...are you currently in physical therapy? I'm thinking core body strenthening would be key for you.

2 more weeks, I bring out the Harb books and videos...

I'm starting to get the ski tingles, hmmmm..which temperature wax should I use for Dec 14th?

I want to find a good wax for the TOPs of my know how they get scrapped or knicked? I've used car wax but wonder if a wax specific to fiberglass cars might keep those top skins looking new?

Man, way to much non-ski time on my hands.