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Re: Zipfit Liners
« Reply #15 on: September 26, 2006, 03:13:28 pm »
Yes, these are not Nordica stock liners. Nordica makes a lace up, foam liner which has been initially designed for their Doberman line. These are foam liners that mold around your foot and become rigid when the foam dries. This is a very firm feel in the boot and it is usually reccommeded for racers and those that ski with a racer fit.

Harald and Diana have them in their RD 96 boots. Since the RS 96 is the same last, clearly they will work fine in those boots. Since the Hot Rod is the same last as the Doberman Pro 130, these liners will work fine in the Hot Rod.

I don't remember the cost, but $225 keeps coming up in my mind (although I may be totally wrong). I think they are cheaper than a ZipFit and cheaper than the Comformables (which Harald and Diana were using before these).

Although these may be an improvement on your Hot Rod liners, we all know that anything you do with boots that are too big, ends up being a band aid.

I would ask about these in the gear section of the PMTS forum and I'm sure Harald will reply.