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Re: Zipfit Liners
« on: September 12, 2006, 04:46:49 pm »
Does anyone here have experience with zipfit liners/boot fitting with HH? I bought Head 97 boot 2 seasons ago at the all mountain camp. Diana fit me and the first day on snow I was ready (almost) to give up skiing. The pain was incredible. She kept punching the toes out each nite after camp so the stars I saw while skiing would abate. Last year at camp, I had further canting done.? However, now my boot seems a bit packed out after 50 days of skiing. I got toe bang this last season, at the end and lost the? R toe nail (ever so slowly, finally came off early JULY). Am thinking the zip fits might be the answer. My R foot is my slightly smaller one, have a narrow foot, described as very low volume at the skunkworks. Zipfit liners seem to be a possible answer. Anyone have any thoughts?
P.S. I won't fit Zipfit liners myself, too intimidated. Gotta know ones limitations.
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