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A good alternative to the Zipfit is the Intuition Liners that use EVA foam.  DALEBoot uses EVA foam for their liners. This was so good that I yanked the liners out of my other boots and put another pair of these in them.  Fantastic, it increase the snugness of the fit: fore aft and left right ankle movements.  Input from the boots and adjustments you make back to the boot and ski, gives you an increadable range of control in all conditions. 

This is a heat wrap adaptive process.  They heat the liner, wrap your footbed onto your foot, then stick your footbed, foot, and sock into the liner and drop the whole mess into your boot, snug the boots up, and then they let you stand there for about 10 minutes.  One more trip back for tweaking and WOW!!!.........  I got these done at the beginning of last seasson and enjoyed every day on the slopes with them.  I have some unusual bone spurs and flat feet.  This made a huge difference for me.  Like any secondary market liner, they cost more to do up front, but they are worth every penny.