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Re: Zipfit Liners
« on: June 07, 2006, 05:57:21 pm »
I bought them by chance in Whistler when I was up in February. I had tried on almost every plug and for me, the biggest reason to buy the Heads was less about the upright stance but more about sizing. I was smack between sizes in the Nordica's (the 315mm boot was too big and the 305mm was reall just a little to small). Others beisdes Head and Nordica did have a noticeable amount of forward lean and I didn't wnat to mess with having to reverse that. Harald Harb told me to try the RS 96 or RD 96's. The first shop I saw them in was the one in Whistler and I ended up buying them. Diana Rogers at Harbskisytems did all the grinding and punching. In the Tahoe area there are 2 stores that carry Head equipment exclusively (and I would have bought the boots at one of those shops had I not accidently found them in Whistler). Beyond Tahoe, I reall don't know anywhere else to mention.

I will say that in both the RD and RS you can gain at least 5mm in toe length, so there is no reason not to buy these with less than a centimeter of room when you shell them. Before the work, these boots were unbearable, but that really is the only way to get a true snug fit.

I wish you much luck and success when you start this process. I'm sure you will end up with boots that fit you like a glove. JB.