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Re: Zipfit Liners
« on: June 06, 2006, 01:13:30 pm »
Ron, I bought a pair of Head RS 96 boots this past season. They have a very upright stance (more so I believe than the Nordica Hot Rods which have the same last as the Dobie Pro 130's). I am 6 3" and I have put some shims between the cuff and the liner in the back to increase the forward lean some. I bought them very small. There was almost no space between my heel and the shell when I shelled them for size. The toe box was too short and I had a lot of hot spots. In two sessions working with a great bootfitter we got them to be the most comfortable and best fitting boots I have ever had.

You are right about too much forward lean in that it is hard to change (although it can be done with good success). I would look into the two plug head boots the RD 96 (stiffer than a Dobie 150) and the RS 96 which is similar in stiffness to the Dobie Pro 130. Both have removeable screws in the cuff that loosen the flex.

There really is no reason to ski in boots that aren't perfectly snug. To get it right you have to start with a plug and go smaller than you ever imagined, to the degree that they seem unskiable. You can't do this with a non plug boot because there is not enough plastic to grind and punch.

I encourage you to invest the time and the energy. The rewards on the snow will be beyond your expectations. JB.