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I agree with Rob (and others) but it is possible to fit them yourself. Any skier that is really thinking about his/ her own performance and understands what is lacking about his/ her own boot has enough common sense to work the liners themselves to help them fit. Naturally it is better to have on hand help from the experts but I got great directions over the phone (Lou at Lou's in Calgary) and with a bit of time in the microwave and some firm massaging by hand it all came into place. In short my experience went like this:
Day One - mind numbing pain, so that I could not think. Also too stupid to take original liners up mountain in a daysack. Impressed by the direct feel however. Thought they were rubbish, called Lou and asked him to send the plugs. Lou was calm and asked me to calm down and chatted me through moving the gel/ cork around. A couple of self fitting/ massage/ microwave sessions in the hotel room in the evening.
Day Two: Fairly firm (read painful but at least I could think and still ski). Skied the morning trying to achieve the magical 7-9 runs, could feel them working into shape, took them off at coffee break and gave them another tweak, skied until lunch and decided to go back to stock (heavily modified liners) before I lost the will to live like day one. Best thing about this is that I really appreciated how crap the stock liners were and how good the Zipfits were going to be.
Day Three: Skied in them all day long, no problems, awesome response to the snow, great feeling and almost discomfort free.
Day Four: Awesome, start telling everyone I meet how great they are, call Lou, tell him they are great. etc etc etc.

Day five to 14 - enjoyed the best skiing I have had thanks to the amazing feedback, comfort and control. Firm, warm, and so precise. One has to try them to believe how god they are. No chance of ever not having Zipfits in my boots ever again.

Normal skier - ie 10 - 30 days at reasonable performance levels go for Expressos, Racer/ must have race/ plug boots - get the Plugs - pretty simple really.
As an after thought and only because I always have warm feet anyway, I would like to try them with the leather lining.