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Re: boot fitting experience - latest zip fit
« on: July 17, 2007, 06:53:30 pm »
Hi Michael,

A lot of my decision was based on Peter Stone who works closely with Harald.  This new zipfit is a very laterally stiff liner, it is not leather. It is much more laterally stiff than the standard head s12 liner which is a pretty good technical liner.  The zip fit is way out in front in this department.  I have not seen the other zipfit but again this is apparently more advanced.

One of the big differences is the fit.  When you put you hand into the liner (after fitting) we are talking serious contours - really grabs you around the heel pocket and achilles.  There is just no way a regular liner could do this. The forefoot is neoprene -so low volume - which realy suits a guy with a very wide front foot - like me.   Another guy who was in the shop and has skied these says the more you ski them the more they conform to your foot.  Also he said they do not pack out, which I find really interesting.  As you know a regular liner will pack out after 20 days or so.  There are instructions on their wesite for fitting and it is pretty simple.  You just have to keep working the putty from different areas into the areas you want.  It isn't like fiiting a foam injected - you have to get those things right, one time.  The zip fits allow you to check it out and then reheat to keep working on it - much more forgiving process.

Hope this helps - obviously as you know, try before buy.

All the best