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Portillo, Chile

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I'm going to Portillo, Chile in August and I'm trying to decide on what ski I should purchase for the trip. Has anyone ever been there? what kind of conditions can I expect? What ski would be a good choice for the conditions out there? (I am assuming its going to be a lot of powde)

I have been to Chile to ski. I have not been to Portillio but the conditions at Valle Nevado are similar. The storms in Chile tend to be big, they can last for sevaral days and they usually come with 70-100 mph winds. As well, most of the skiiing in Chile is above the tree line which makes skiing in white out conditions quite difficult. Resorts often close lifts in the strong winds. After the storm, you can get some amazing powder days, and in general the number of skiers at the resorts is quite modest vs. what we are used to in the US. You can ski fresh lines for as long as a week after a big storm.

The real problem with Chile is what I mentioned before. They don't get a lot of storms. The snow comes in big bunches, and it can be weeks in between storms. Having said this, you definitely want a ski that you enjoy on hard groomed conditions, because if it doesn't snow, this is what you will be skiing on. An all mountain ski that does well on groomed terrain and that will float in some pow (Head IM 82's) would be a good choice. The other option would be to call Portillo, and find out if they have powder skis to rent. If so, I would bring carving skis and if you get lucky and have some powder days, then you can rent fat powder skis.

I would mentally plan for hard snow conditions (becaiuse this is what they have for a good percentage of the season). If this is what you end op getting you won't be disappointed. If you do get some fresh snow you will be even more excited. Think of it as similar to carrying an umbrella on a day that it might rain. When it doesn't rain you are pumped, but you are prepared no matter what.

HAHAHA....good analogy....I currently have a pair of iM72's (which I might swap out for a pair of Legend 8000's). I am having a very difficult time deciding between the two. I live in Miami so obviously I do not get to many chances to demo my skis or even see them in person being that we do not have a lot of ski shops out here. I was wondering if you have had any experience on either one of these skis? If so, how do they compare to the iM82's that you mentioned assuming you have skied on the iM82's?


I have skied on neither. I own a pair of the Head IM 88's (and sevral other Head skis) and I have read reviews and talked with people who have skied the IM 72's and the IM 82's.

I can say with conviction that If I was headed to Chile (and I owned IM 72's) I would bring the IM 72's with me as long as I could rent powder skis if a big storm was to hit. With hard snow conditions in Chile, the IM 72's will be a pretty good ski IMO. JB.

I'm jealous....skiing in birthday of these of the days I'm doing it!

Anyways, if the snow is firm and hardpack....take along your carving or all mountain skis. For me it would be my RX8's. Since I also own a pair of Head IM77 chips, I might bring those just in the event the sky opens up and we get some knee high.

It would depend on how much I would have to handle the 2 ski hardcase.

I could also rent a pair of fatties out there but would have to check out their selection of big snow skis before heading out and maybe even reserving a pair.

Have a great trip and would love to hear all about it when you return.



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