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Re: realskiers length/type guides
« on: March 25, 2007, 02:48:06 pm »
I can't figure out the translations from the ski types used for 2007 ski reviews to the ski types listed on the length suggestion page ( For example, I'm interested in demo'ing the Head Fast Thang and Hot Thang; and the Volkl Attiva S5, but I can't figure out--are they race carvers?? slalom recreational?? The topic comes up because a short, light woman skier like me has trouble finding shorter skiis to demo!? I'm wondering how long I can reasonably go, based on what's available for me to demo.? The actual questions are moot, as I'm skiing tomorrow . . . but could the 2007 (& 2008) ski reviews specify the ski type for each ski, and could the length suggestions page be updated to fit with the current classification schemata (e.g. technical, tactical, etc.)?

Some information may be in the ratings.? For example, my analysis just based on the reviews.
Fast Thang:? Recreational slalom.? carve rating of 5, but skid (soft edge) says its not demanding like a race carver.? Also, skill level suitability of green, blue, and black indicates a very versatile skis suitable for a wide range of skiers.? Good to grow with.? A good ski.
Hot Thang:? Similar to Fast Thang, but not a turny and not as much upside.? Ratings of 4-4 for carve/skid.? For comparison, look at the review and the ratings for the Wild Thang and note the absence of the green skill icon.?
Attiva S5:? Looks more like that Hot Thang than the Fast Thang, not quite as quick a turning radius (15m) as a rec slalom, but less sidecut usually leads to better stability ratings (ski doesn't feel as much like it wants to wiggle back and forth when skiing flat on the bases).

FWIW, a waist measurement of less than 66mm with small turning radius is a slalom sidecut,? 66-75 is more of an all-mountain ski.? (Greater than 75 is ski manufacturer's current focus on selling new skis, IMHO).? I'm still a little confused by the technical vs. tactical, Peter just started this classification this year.

All three of the ones you mentioned are good skis (as are the K2 Burnin Luv and One Luv) but the Heads are more slalom like than the others.? Length should be in the range of your chin to your nose, I would focus on a ski in that length from the group that you have identified rather than "going longer".? Some of Peter's articles say that differences in length may in fact be more noticeable than differences from one ski to another.

Post your height and weight.? Midwif may have some specific thoughts, and Michael has two college age daughters that he buys for so he might have detailed recommendations.

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