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Re: realskiers length/type guides
« on: March 25, 2007, 02:23:02 pm »
Just joined realskiers . . . happy to support Peter Keelty's (and others) work!? Here's the feedback:
I'm not spotting a way to provide feedback about technical problems unless my browser is linked to an email client by default, which it isn't on the public computers I have access to.
I couldn't submit a question from . . . and on techsupportforskier, that's touted as a benefit of subscribing!

Some of the other guys may know better, but there are two levels of membership.? One is a subscriber and I believe just provides access to the reviews, and then there are members and they have "personal consulting" to Peter via email.? I'm not sure about that latter because I am just a subscriber.? By the way, this is the time of year when ski retailers are testing/reviewing new skis so Peter is ususally pretty inaccessible.? However, some of the regulars (Ron, Gary, Michael, Midwif) can give some pretty good information.

Oh, and here's a gripe about Eastern Pennsylvania retailers:? they are offering skis to demo like the Head Cool Thang and the Nordica Olympia Fox, and the K2 Commanche 2com as a high performance rental!!? Even the Nordica site made it clear that the Fox was for beginners!!!? It's a jungle out there without techsupport and realskiers!!!? I did waste some time on the Cool Thang because techsupport had no info on it . . . and it wasn't clear that realskiers would have more 2007 skis listed.

The sad fact is that the number of skiers really wanting to ski better is MUCH smaller than the group that wants to ski the "popular" skis and to "feel" like they are demoing "performance skis".? Providing beginner level skis is probably a wise choice on the part of the ski shops.? When I first joined realskiers a few years back (three now, I think) I was amazed at the information and how much it differed from talking to people in the shops.? I have since come to find that RealSkiers is almost always the most accurate.? Of course, you need to understand your skiing style and preferences vs. the styles and preferences of the reviewers.? Michael, for example, is an ex-racer so he prefers different skis than I do.? Peter's system does a pretty good job of differentiating the skier types.
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