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8000's and 8800's
« on: March 08, 2007, 01:09:30 am »
I currently ski Dynastar Troublemakers at 175cm and find them nimble and quick in soft bumps and OK in powder but they are quite unstable at speed on hard pack and don't grip ice very well.

I demo's 8800's and found the 168cm really nice as it skiied much like my Troublemakers except that they were much more stable and had better grip, likely due to the stiffness compared to the T'makers. The 8800's at 178cm felt a bit too fast for my style.

I'm seeking a bit more float and stability. I don't really charge at high speed and prefer medium to long radius turns.

I thought that the 8000's might work for me, as well, but with practiclly the same waist as my T'maker's I'm thinking all I would gain would be stability and not much in the float.

Any opinions here, other than that I should demo the 8000's and compare? I'm 5'11" 155lbs.


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Re: 8000's and 8800's
« Reply #1 on: October 16, 2007, 03:11:50 pm »
I think you would enjoy the 8000 in a 172cm. As a lighter skier, the 8000 will provide good float and stability while being a very good all-around performer. I owned the Inspired by Nobis, which became the 8800. A family member will be using the 8000 this winter.

I would also recommend the 8800, but the 178cm didn't work for you and the next size down might be too short for a good skier. The 8800 is a twin tip, this will shorten the running length by 5cm or more. the 8000 is not a TT, just a short turned-up tail.