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Reviews of the Various Head Monsters
« on: April 19, 2006, 05:29:09 pm »

My background:
age: 53
Height 5. 10"
Weight 180
Skill? say 8 or 9 depending on how aggressive I want to be.
Volunteeer ski patroller 20 years
|Ski and toboggan trainer and examiner
location:? Idaho, near Grand Targhee, but travel to resorts through Utah, Idaho and Wyoming for training clinics.

Skis currently owned:

M75 177 cm
M85 179 cm
M88 175 cm
M82 172 cm (just acquired)

Previously owned M70 in a 177 and 184 cm. and Have skied the M75 in 184 (both chip and non chip).? Also M85 in 172 and 186 cm.

M75 - frankly I prefer as well as my two buddies who have them the "non chip" version.? The chip seems overly damped, yet is still an xcellent ski.? The non chip is quicker from edge to edge, very forgiving and friendly.? This is my groomed snow ski.? Think of a Golden Retriever.

M85 - The favorite.? If I am going somewhere and can only take one ski, this is it.? Amazingly quick edge to edge for a big ski, carves well, friendly in bumps ( not zipper line quick) and friendly.? And it blasts through chopped crud.? It is idiot proof.? Think of a labroador retriever.? AS friendly as the golden retriever, but just a little beefier.? The M82 will probably become the favorite except in bottomless powder (see the M88) .
M88 - acquired for the beinning of this year.? It is quicker than the M85 from edge to edge and a more powerful edge hold.? Not as forgiving in bumps.? Tremendous in powder or crud.? It carves like a GS ski.? It holds better than the M85 and is more rewarding of greater input - but if your technique is a bit sloppy it will "remind you".? Not really bite you, but it is not as forgiving as the M85.? Know your skiing and make your choice between the two.

M82 - acquired this spring and skiied twice in all conditions at Targhee.? Wonderful ski.? A combination of the power of the M88, but with the greater quickness and forgiveness of the M75.? A blast in bumps, very quick turner.

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Re: Reviews of the Various Head Monsters
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yes, the 82 will become you favorite ski, I have no doubt.