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Ski Selection
« on: March 06, 2007, 09:31:29 am »
I am kind of stuck as to which ski to go with-- I have had the opportunity to do a lot of demo-ing but choices are always limited as to length and brands, so I have exhausted those limits. I recognize as sound advice what I have read here as to getting a carving width in the upper 60's to develop skills but am close to getting a wider ski (Fischer Vision 73) and would like some input from those who know that ski if that would be a good choice since I have heard it is manageable and carvy.

OK- here's the background: I took up skiing at 40 and i am now 47, female, 5'7" and 155 lbs, give or take. I only have skied shaped skis so I don't have to give up old technique. i am told my form is good and I can carve but I am working on keeping my weight forward more and improving my form ALL the skis I've demo-ed are great compared to those and I have jumped up a level on demo skis.

I live in western NY and generally ski around here with occasional forays into Vermont and the Adirondacks. Conditions here are very demanding I think: powder, granulated, hard pack and ice. The other thing that really gets me and bothers me a lot is that on the smaller mountains we have here, the afternoon conditions often involve  bumps on the groomers from pushed up snow by skiers and snowboarders so we either have bumpy mashed potatoes or bumpy icy or granulated stuff and they throw me for a loop on the wrong ski (for instance the Dynastar Exclusive Carve was really hard on me when the conditions got rougher).

 I just bought Dynastar Beast 12 boots for women.

Ski choices:
I have narrowed it to the following:
Volkl Attiva S5 or S4
Fischer Vision 73
Elan WaveMagic or SpeedMagic
How is this list? What do you suggest? What length?

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Re: Ski Selection
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2007, 10:20:43 am »
It looks like a great list to me! I have two female friends - they also did demo this season. They tried Wave Magic, Attiva S5 and AMC 73 from your list, along with Fast Thang, Exclusive Carve, Burnin Luv, Cool thang, One Luv. One of them already ended up buying pair of WaveMagics. The second girl really likes very light, short and narrow skis so she was in love with Carve and Fast Thang. BUT - I think she will be buying Wavemagics for her Colorado trip later this season. Reason being - very stable, also easy in bumps and can make longer turns. 
As for the length 160 cm would be just perfect for you I think. One of my friends who bought them already is 5'4'' and ~120 and the other one 5'7'' ~160. They both liked them in 160 cm!

Good luck,