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Re: The Child in Me
« on: October 23, 2013, 08:01:06 pm »
Skiing is play.  A day of skiing is a day of playing.  High-end Ski racing is a sport, everything else is playtime.

Yes, play gets better with skill--but being playful on skis is the best part of skiing in my book. 

That's why I still Love Glenn Plake, he just gets the whole high-level of play possible on skis, even as a geezer. 

There's just something wonderful about trying to link as many consecutive 360's on a blue cruiser until you nearly topp;e from gettimg dizzy.  Or trying to squeeze into a space you weren't totally sure you could.  Or going really fast, or going really slow and noodling along the humps, bumps and jumps that outline the edges of every run on every ski resort in America.  Or jumping off of small ledges, or just jumping in the middle of a blue groomer because jumping in the air as you gain speed is fun anywhere on anything (bikes, sneakers, pogo sticks).

I like to play.  Skiing or Otherwise.