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How do you store your skis?  I'm not talking about winter wax or whether or not to lower the DIN settings on the binding.  Where do you put them?

Lynn had a lot of water damage (and reconstruction) in her house this last winter.  We are now (finally) considering whether we want to actually make a place to store the skis, or just continue to lean them against whatever happens to be available.

I know the racks that let you hang your skis by the tips are pervasive, but I'm not enamored of that and several of our skis don't have bindings mounted on them (we travel with two pair of skis but one pair of bindings).

I've also seen the following which is free standing on the floor and wide enough for the sizes of skis that we use?

Thoughts appreciated.  Are your skis organized, or just laying around.  Anyone know of any kind of A-Frame rack that would be free standing and allow skis to be laid horizontally?

Hey Jim, just came across this post.  What with the spotty access to the forum of late, I haven't looked into all corners of our little space here for a while.

I have our skis stored horizontally on very simple homemade racks.  These consist of two sturdy shelf brackets screwed into the basement wall studs, with a rough spruce 1x2x18 wood piece screwed to the top of each (basically some clean scrap lumber I had lying around).  The brackets are spaced 32" apart (two stud widths), and the skis simply rest on top of the wood strips.  Having 8 pairs, I have a double-decker arrangement, and these are mounted just under the ceiling to get them up and out of the way.

Total cost was about $15 for four brackets, and not counting the scrap wood.

Each pair is clicked together, base-to-base, which means one ski is resting binding down and the other is binding up.  Not sure if over the course of 7 or 8 months of resting like that, the weight of the binding would affect the camber of either ski.  I suppose if I was really worried about the skis developing unequal camber, I could flip them over after a few months.  I haven't bothered with this, and have noticed no ill effects.  If we had fewer pairs and thus more room, I would lay each pair side by side binding down.

Hope this helps.  I can send pics if my description was a bit opaque.

Guys, here's my favorite:

Power Grip storage rack....easy to use, solid contact...surfaces protected...



Thanks Gary.  I have looked at the Cozy Winters site and never saw the Power Locks.  That really addresses my concern with skis hanging by the tips and slipping out, and also would allow me to lock the skis in place at various heights.  However, I think Svend's approach may be economically superior.


Yes, but mine are "Charmin" soft!  :-\


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