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Re: Bike Recommendation...for you
« on: October 14, 2013, 08:56:06 am »
yea, Svend,

As I always say, there is a broken wrist or collarbone waiting out there for every mountain biker, but you cash in all your chips.  Road biking-fals are far less frequent (I've never dropped my road bike) but when things happen they are worse.  ANd, they are often beyond your control.  When I eat **** on my mountain bike, it is 100% my fault and a result of choices I made (or failed to make).  But cars driven by drunks, angry commuters, texting teens and dangerous old ladies can kill even the safest and savviest of road riders who do everything right.  I have had too many close associates  taken out for me to ever really feel comfortable  on a road bike anymore.

I live in a wonderful area for road biking, too.  Miles and miles and miles of paved country roads through gorgeous new england hills--but I have almost totally abandoned road riding.

Rode a Banshee Prime locally the other day...put that on the list of still relevant bigger travel 29ers.  Not as nimble feeling as the C-dale Trigger 29er, but nimble enough and it had that unshakeable stability at speed in the rough that no smaller wheel diameter bike can match.  Corners like all Banshees which is to say, wonderfully )you can get really low in the corners on this beast.

I also rode the new Giant Anthem 650b--liked it a lot, and if race speed, and big acceleration was of primary concern, this bike is at the top of the list.  But for my general riding, there's not enough beef on this bike--the Norco's are better--but I'd like to check out the new Trances 650b as well before making any definitive statements.