Author Topic: I'm really enjoying the NEW Expert skier site! Thinking gear choices...  (Read 2062 times)


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I looked at a Rev 105, mostly because of the buzz the intrawebs give it...but my last two head skis and I didn't quite mesh.  I loved my old monster 88's,  I got the head Peak 88 Flowride to replace it, which sucked, and I skied the Head RnR 180cm all last season...which I liked in some conditions, but not where I typically least not where I would typically ski a fatter ski.  It's well made, has a nice flex and all that, it just wasn't right for my skiing so i am done with wider head skis for a bit.

I did end up getting the 2014 Ski Logik Occam's Razor (162cm, 11.5m turn) and the 2013 Icelantic Shaman 161cm.  Honestly, these are a pretty stellar east coast quiver (though the shaman win't for everyone, I love it).

I also still have a Skilogik Howitzer 186cm from last season...which is a fine ski and great in open crud and deeper snow.  Not bad in soft snow glades either (but the Shaman is better).

I am selling my 2013 Head RnR (if anyone here is interested-$250.0O flat and 350.00 with the Rossi Axial2 140 XXL bindings that are on it). And my trusty pair of Dynastar Contact 4x4's 172cm with PX 14 bindings (125.00).  Solid skis both-but paying the piper requires some choices.