Author Topic: I'm really enjoying the NEW Expert skier site! Thinking gear choices...  (Read 1879 times)


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Nice selection of skis Liam..

I go back a long way with Head through the IM series including their 88...

The Rev 105 is truly a different ski..probably not for everyone. I did drop down to the 171 length giving my son my 181..he's 4 inches taller and 70 lbs heavier.

The Rev 105 turns, floats, and bumps amazingly well and even on western groomers...the freakn' thing rips...blew me away.

In all ...there are so so many fine skis out there....the trick is...the right fit!

It might be helpful for those looking for new skis to make a list of the features that are the highpoints of their ideal target ski.

here's one I was playing with just recently involving a pow ski:
   How to find MY Perfect Powder Ski               
   Check the appropriate Box               
Features                                           Point Values         
                                                 5   4   3   2   1   
Tips Surfaces easy                     
Tails easy to Release                  
Light weight feel   more nimble                  
Heavy weight feel   more stable                  
Get's deflected                     
Plows through                     
Ski Centered                     
Drive Shovels                     
Tail Supportive                     
Smears Easily                     
Smears moderatley easy                  
Camber underfoot                     
Turns on edge quick                     
All Day Ski                     
3 hour ski                        
Short turns                     
Medium turns                     
Long Turns                     
Cat and Heli skiing                     
Dry Powder                     
Wet Heavy Powder                     

Some form of this could be helpful in one self evaluating what they really are seeking.

Best, G