Author Topic: I'm really enjoying the NEW Expert skier site! Thinking gear choices...  (Read 1888 times)


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couple of reasons..1. The shop I am affiliated with moves a lot of K2's and 2. The New Rictor line (2014) had a nice buzz, and with everybody and their brother talking about the Brahma, I thought going with a brand that has lost some luster with the cool kids has some appeal.  Also, I liked the reviews I read on RS.  And I skied the rictor last year (and the impact) and thought they were great no-nonense skis.

My other plan is to get the Ski Logik Occams Razor, again, I have skied them, they are great (for what they are) and they're not the sort of ski people salivate over anymore. The razor with the Shaman (in similar lengths) how's that for a focused east coast quiver?

I would also like to try or get more info on the new icelantic SKNY line...the Shaman SKNY could be a really great ski (I love the regular Shaman).  But maybe much of the magic gets lost with the narrower's a hard one to track down..  Maybe run it with my Howitzer...

Just some musing as the nights get colder.