Author Topic: I'm really enjoying the NEW Expert skier site! Thinking gear choices...  (Read 1987 times)


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I've never been a paid member of the Real Skiers site for ski reviews. A post on Epic pointed out the Real Skiers site has been redone for this year and that Jackson Hogan is participating or partnering with Peter Kelty. I think if you are internet ski site savey there is a ton of information about new skis, and, in the end, you just have to get on a ski yourself. I believe I met Jackson at the Epic Tahoe gathering, he's a very entertaining gentleman.

With respect to the K2 richtor 82, I have no experience. I recently had a conversation with Philpug about K2 skis and expressed my opinion that he did not seem to be a fan of that line. To my surprise, he was very positive about his recent demo experiences with K2 and found them to be very nice to ski. He stated that K2 wanted their nitch to be known for skis that were a pleasure to ski by the public. That says nothing about the ski you are considering.

Just curious, but how did you choose that ski? Correctly or incorrectly, I think that patrollers think about their skis a little different than the skiing public, in that, a pair has to work for a patroller doing sled work, or, in all sorts of conditions, including the somewhat controlled manner the public observes when watching you and your peers.