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days are getting shorter ... time for bump skiing stoke

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The days are getting shorter and the Loveland snowmaking clock shows only 1 month 25 days 18 hours and 40 minutes until white again begins to cover the mountains.  Pad it with the customary two week delay, and snowmaking is still just around the corner  :)

Take a look at this slow-mo bump skiing video to get yourself drooling for snow.   Personally, I admire his foot work.  What do others see in his skiing?

PS Is Gary or anyone else headed to Portillo this season?  Trip reports ... and spare no details please!

Hi Todd,

Great video! For me, I am blown-away by the skiers ability to flex and absorb the mogul, then do leg extension to keep the skis on the snow in the trough of the bump. Of all the skills advocated to ski bumps, deep flexing is, at least for me, the most difficult body position to get into. Heck, it's demanding to do on dryland: try to lower your butt onto a chair and then stand-back up.

While watching on you-tube, there was a HH video about skiing bump skills using his essentials. Harald stressed flexing, tipping and counter acting the hips, ie turning the hips away from the direction on the turn.

It's still, at least, 4 months before I get to boot-up. But, summer is in decline. Much training to do.

Snow in Colorado!  Lynn was showing me pictures of Telluride and Berthoud Pass.

Fall is feeling closer.

Here's a few more:

Reilly ripping some moguls, short but sweet and a lot going on here!

Berger!   Moguls are all in the last 3 minutes, but, IMHO he's the best technical bump skier out there in the instructional world.  Never gets old.

Ain't no school like the old school...but this is pretty in any generation:

There's just something about bumps--you can't fake it.  Bumps, more so than any terrain, really tell you what sort of a skier you are and what you need to work on!

Yup, the urge to ski is hitting hard.
Jim and I were watching a HH you tube short last night.
Really got the juices flowing
Ready and willing to boot up and try to get those muscles and skis working in harmony again.
Once the leaves are on the ground, it's pretty hard to wait for the intervening weeks for real winter to begin.

Though I will miss biking.
(nope, don't bike in winter; I'm a fair weather biker).


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