Author Topic: days are getting shorter ... time for bump skiing stoke  (Read 788 times)


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Re: days are getting shorter ... time for bump skiing stoke
« on: October 19, 2013, 10:07:07 am »

It's looking like good snowmaking weather late next week in the NE if the current pattern evolves as expected.  You could easily be skiing on the east coast before Halloween.  Snow lust is a bona fide disease, so get ready to call in sick sick sick  ;D  I recall that the Kansan is handy at long distance driving, so day trip it up to VT or NH and file a trip report for the rest of us.

Pull out your ski boots tonight and start reacquainting them and your feet.

Nah, too guilt inducing to do that.  Colleagues left behind suffer too much.
And I hate being on the receiving end of that mantra.

I occasionally have a couple of days off mid-week; maybe a trip north could be worked in.

I know you watch K-Ton and surroundings with your all your senses attuned for any whiff of skiing opportunities.
Keep us posted.

My  "local" spot, Elk Mountain, doesn't usually open til mid-december with man-made.

Going to Colorado the second week in december. That may the first days of skiing.

Though I will take your suggestion and put my boots on prior and get used to.......compressio n, er.....nirvana....w ell, maybe just try to get used to them again.
"Play it Sam"