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The Shawangunks in Eastern New York
« on: July 15, 2013, 09:59:33 pm »

Lynn and I recently spent a day riding the "Gunks" and didn't appreciate until the last half of the day what a beautiful ride it was going to be.  We stopped a local and asked for suggestions and he gave us a great route out on the "back side" to get to the lake we had identified on the map, a nice single track loop around the lake, and then a bit of a climb to get to the ridge line with some beautifully panoramic vistas followed by the the scenic part of the trail following around the rim shown pictures was just enchanting.  In fact the Bushwacka term flowly was what came to both our minds at that point.

There aren't really any physically challenging sections and no real single track where bikes are allowed (but the "carriage trail" around the lake wasn't wide enough for any carriage,  but by the end of the day our legs knew that they had been working. 

We plan to return.  There are waterfalls and other trails we'd still like to visit, and we'll probably take our bike shoes off and go for a swim in the crystal clear lake again.
In the picture below (not taken by me) you can see the hint of an inlet off to the right.  That was the site of the impromptu swim and cool off.
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