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Re: Last Days of 2013 ski video-Liam
« on: April 20, 2013, 07:29:30 am »
Yeah, Gary...quivers rule!  Like a lot of folks here I have some fetishism about skis.

LP, Shaman 161cm : it's the ideal all mountain east coast ski.  The videos I posted in another thread from Saddleback and the one above, I think, show it's versatility even for a strong intermediate like myself.  It's way more versatile than the Head rock n Roll for east coast all mountain (of which tight deep moguls and tighter glades are endemic).   The key to it's versatility comes from a few things

1. The Unflappable yet user friendly tip!  Seriously, in frozen crud, groomers, pow, mank, etc-the tip just instantly engages, never gets bucked around and allows for smooth as silk turns everywhere...and in spite of it's unshakeability, it never kicks back like you'd expect from a stiff front end.   And there is no other ski like it

2. 12m turn matters.

3. Easy maneuverable twinned to spin, easy to drift, etc.

4.  Stout and tough, even in such a short length-the short length is part of it's success---you do give back some top end speed...I think, no, i'm sure, if I skied at a big western hill like Jbotti or Max, I'd go with a longer length in this ski.  But, with the tighter confines, and pitches that rarely exceed 1500ft vert in one shot, the 161cm is perfect.