Author Topic: The Epic Montana Gathering  (Read 652 times)


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Re: The Epic Montana Gathering
« on: March 31, 2013, 09:08:40 am »
Wow, Jackson, Big Sky and Bridger in one week of skiing--that is a wonderful trip!!!

Nice to hear you got snow at Jackson...late March can be dicey on the hill.  I've visited twice: 1. Once in a week of late january snow storms (ah...) and 2. Once in some later march Rain storms (and I mean some rain at 12,000 ft)-we had a little snow later in the week, but the lower mountain was crap and the upper mountain was, well, even more expert than usual for Jackson!  But getting snow while you are there is great!

Sounds like a great trip...I have a few friends out at Big Sky Right now.



I remember that last year, you also liked the Gatherings little Tahoe ski area...Mt. Rose. In many ways, Bridger Bowl is similar. If you like steeps, they have an area, Schlessman's, where to ride the lift you need a transceiver....not so much for avalanche, but, to find lost people. There is a lot of serious pucker power there. It's is very close to Bozeman airport and would be a great first or last day trip for anyone flying via Bozeman.

If I did not say this in the above, all of the areas we skied have some serious steeps. I get an uncomfortable feeling, while riding chairs, just looking at the lines and tracks skied by the few with skills and guts. OK, I'm at the point where survival is paramount, and, I've no need to attempt it, but, it is a strange feeling to be nervous just looking at that terrain. I admit that the adrenalin felt during those rides does impact my confidence when skiing tight lines. There is a huge amount of easy and moderate terrain at Big Sky and Moonlight....thankf ully.