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Re: The Epic Montana Gathering
« on: March 29, 2013, 09:34:31 pm »
Hi all,

I'm back in JH, will fly home tomorrow. The Gathering is a great experience, it's all about the skiing and the people I got to ski with. In the Epic crowd, I'm at the low end of skiing skills The Big Sky, Moonlight Basin and Bridger can be very intimidating. Riding the Big Sky tram, which is tiny compared to Jackson's is nerve wracking for someone who does not like heights.

Our snow was fine, no new at Big Sky area, with the exception of Thursday afternoon when spring slush was everywhere and the resulting refreeze this morning. It did start to snow in the late morning today and the last 3 hours were some of the best skiing we had. I'm getting the hang of bumps, but, I avoid very steep and deep runs. Finally, got a run in with High Angles today, he's a sweet skier. He skis with the Epic advanced group, I can't keep up. Some nice tree runs with bumps are on both mountains. If you've not been to Big Sky, put it in your bucket list. There is a ton of terrain for blue and green skiers.

Thanks to a local 50% sale at Moonlight, I had new Look bindings put on the Rev 85's. Due to hole locations, they had to mount the new bindings at +1 instead  of "on the line" and the performance suffers a little.  After a week, I am very pleased with their performance. On Wednesday, Philpug lent me a pair or "The One" skis and they were superb in soft snow and bumps.. I'll do a review in our review section for those skis when I have a minute.

So it was a great week. We had close to 25 skiers each day and local guide who would show us the area. Apre Ski was a blast and we did group dinners each night. Can't think of a better way to spend a ski week. Next year's spring trip will return to California to Mamouth. There will be  a mid-winter trip to Utah.

Golf league starts in 2 weeks. Time to hang em up, but, it will be done with a big smile on my face.