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Re: Re: Head Rev 85 review
« on: March 16, 2013, 09:43:09 pm »
Hey Jim,

Our younger daugther, age 14, skis the Fischer Maunga.  As it happens, she is also looking forward to an upgrade, as she has somewhat outgrown this ski wrt. length and performance.  It was our older daugther, 17, who skied the Mya 8 for a day at Louise, although her younger sister clicked into those for a couple of runs too.  Since the younger one is similar in height and weight to Lynn, and she skis the Maungas as well, and since she has a wee bit of "ski sense", I will pass on her comments rather than those of her sister.

Almost verbatim:
- felt heavier on the snow than the Maungas, but in a good way (more planted); not too heavy; felt light on the snow when being skied.
- very stable, quiet
- no chattering...none
- easy to turn and get up on edge
- not as fast as the Maungas (could have been the tune)
- more suited to wide GS turns
- much harder for short slalom-type turns; way more work
- flex easily in crud
- skied well in bumps
- excellent edge hold on hard snow; bring you right around in a large arc; no skidding on scraped off ice; trustworthy
- not as lively as the Maungas; not as springy; somewhat less pop
- stiffer than the Maungas; more drive and power

So, those are her impressions based on two long runs at Louise (3500 ft. vertical each, down the frontside).

Not much to pass along in way of comments from the elder sister - sorry.  She is rather disinterested in the tech/gear side of this sport.  Although the fact that she was ready to trade in her beloved twin tips for the Mya 8 after only an hour on the latter, kind of says it all, don't you think?

My impressions now:  overall, the Mya is substantially more ski than the Maunga.  My feeling is that it would make a worthy upgrade.  Has a more supple, powerful flex to it; a bit less snap.  Some reviews I have read say that it has a high performance ceiling, but is not demanding and is easy to ski, much like it's analogue the Rev 85.  Would suit a finesse skier; but may be overpowered by a heavier and/or more aggressive power skier.

As for length, definitely the 163.  It has a bit of early rise, so the running length is probably close to that of the 159 cm Maunga.  The demo ski was a 163, and it was a breeze for both girls to handle.  The elder sister would have done well on a 170, as she is about 5'8" / 140 lbs.  This would primarily be Lynn's go-to western ski, I take it, so a 156 will probably feel way too short on a big mountain.

As mentioned, it is slightly softer than the Rev, but is no wimp; it is heavier than the Fischer, but not a boat anchor, and has a light snow feel.

Hope that helps.  Definitely worth a demo.

Another possibility:  has Lynn considered the Fischer Koa 84 or 88? I was checking out the 88 in a shop last week, and it looked like a mighty sweet ski. 

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