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Re: Head Rev 85 review
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Of interest was I had a fall where a ski came off. Putting them back on, I must have switched skis and the result was one ski just had no edge holding power. Switched skis, everything was fine...came home and did some edge work. The resulting clean smooth edges were far better than the original factory tune.

I should have known better than to ski the factory tune and should have worked the edges prior to going out on day one.

The management of the Living Proof organization regretfully announces that Mr. Proof is an idiot and is barred from future mounting of skis. It also wishes to apologize to the Head Ski Corp. for any smears of their ski tuning process. Upon investigation of Mr. Proof's ski bindings, it was ascertained that he placed the binding on one ski in a position far, far forward of center, like about 5 cm. To his great relief, the bindings are adjustable, the basic track position is in the correct location, and a few turns with a screw driver corrected his error. With errors corrected, the skis do, indeed, ski fine.
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