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Re: Head Rev 85 review
« on: March 11, 2013, 10:24:36 am »
New to the mix here, but wanted to know if anyone on the Rev 85 had also skied/demo'd the Rev 80?  The Rev 80 was one of about 12 skis I demo'd this year for frontside/resort-based-all-mountain Eastern skiing.  I heard good things about the Rev series and wanted to like it a lot ... but I just didn't.  Wondering if the 85 skis differently enough that it is worth a separate demo?  Also wondering if it was just a bad tune on the Rev 80, since it just didn't hold an edge as well as several of the competitors models in the 76-82 mm width range?
Yes, probably so (depending on a number of things, including your level, the tune, and the binding location).  One web site with reviews called the Rev 80 the "entry level Rev", the Rev 80 Pro the ski "for fast, energetic, skilled skiers", and the Rev 85 Pro as a "truly great all-around 1-quiver ski".  In the Head line, the current SuperShape Titan with a 78 mm waist is also a better ski than the Rev 80.  In last year models, the Peak 78 Pro and Peak 84 Pro are also very good skis and worth a demo is you find them.

And welcome to PeakSkiers -- tell us a bit about yourself??
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