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Tuning videos
« on: March 04, 2013, 08:47:45 pm »
For anyone doing home tuning, and interested in learning from one of the best, here is a link to some videos on the Toko US site done by Willi Wiltz.  He is a former WC tech for the US ski team.  Although some of this is specific to racing, most of it is totally pertinent to recreational ski tuning.

I was happy to discover that most of what I have been doing is pretty much the way Willi does it too.  But I did learn a few things.  Most notably adding a base and side bevel to the shovel and tail areas well beyond the ski's contact points.  I had always stopped at the contact point, and left the tips and tails with no bevel at all (these areas aren't touched by machine grinding either).  Hand filing these bevels into the curved part of the ski takes some practice, esp. the base bevel, and my first attempts looked pretty ragged.  Practicing on an old pair was a good idea.  Not sure if I have a sufficiently sensitive touch to tell if this actually makes a difference on the snow, but the skis I've tried this on sure are flowing nicely from turn to turn of late (let's credit the tune; not the skier  ::)  )

He has a very straightforward and uncomplicated way of explaining things, and makes it look easy.  Obviously a very knowledgeable fellow.  Hope you find these as informative as I did.

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