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Re: Am I Off My Rocker
« on: February 27, 2013, 09:54:07 pm »
The perpetual state of indecisiveness continues. ???

In a conversation with Philpug, he threw in the Head Rev 90, which address some of the issue regarding getting more width than the Head Rev 85. Starthaus carries them, so, another joins the list.

FWIW - the Rev 90 has less medal and is softer.  I would definitely try that if I could travel with a hard snow ski and a soft snow ski.  I love my Rev 85 but I wasn't too worried about the stiffness at 200lbs.  It would be interesting to demo them back to back though.  All the guys who store our skis comment on the Rev 85  "Great ski" They also like the Oblivion which is 90mm under foot, twin tip with tip and tail rocker and camber under foot.  I had a ski like this and they were fun as can be off piste but not so much on piste.