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Re: Am I Off My Rocker
« on: February 27, 2013, 10:11:32 am »
The perpetual state of indecisiveness continues. ???

Sounds like some demoing might be in order, then(?).  Might make sense to ski your Harts for a day or two, see how they work out there, and in the terrain that you like to ski on, then try a few demo skis on for size if they are not working for you.  I still think you might be fine with a 90 to 95 waist if the binding had some stand height.  Would feel like a sub-90 flat mounted ski.

FWIW, I looked at the map, and Big Sky lies almost directly south of Banff, and is also on the eastern edge of the range.  That is not necessarily an indicator of similar snow, but if it is, then you might be fine with a 77 for most terrain (depending on its stiffness, sidecut and flex pattern).  As mentioned, the only fat skis you see at Banff are under the feet of out-of-towners.  You would almost never see a 100+ ski on a local; most are on 85 or narrower.  The snow is rather firm, and you just don't need the float.  YMMV....

Whatever you do, sounds like a great trip.  Have a blast!

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