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Re: Am I Off My Rocker
« on: February 23, 2013, 09:54:32 am »
I think your goal should be to find a ski that is "adaptable" - in that it will reward in both firm conditions and soft conditions.  The Dynastar Sultans you had in Tahoe didn't quite give you enough of the "reward" in deeper conditions.  Finding wider skis that can actually perform well across variable conditions and terrain is tough.  It seems as though every other thread on ski forums is from skiers seeking that ultimate one ski quiver that can do it all.
I would throw out the one day at Squaw as data point for float with the Sultan 94's, eastern groomer skier that I am, I was way over-matched. But, yup, everyone wants a variable condition ski.
Of course in your case you've already got a ski (probably "skis") that can handle the firm fairly well.  So I would lean toward a ski that will reward in the softer 3D snow that you won't absolutely hate to ski on firmer conditions.  You're a bigger guy so I would recommend that you don't shy away from going wider.  If you want float out of this ski then you're going to have to go at least over 90mm underfoot (if not over 100mm). 

So here are some skis that I like that fall into this "use case".  Of course YMMV, but there's a reason I've gravitated to these skis (after tons of demos) - they're skis that perform well in 3D snow and yet still can be skied on hard pack without fearing for your life. ;)

Atomic Savage Ti (134-93-120, 177cm, 18.0m)
Nordica Soul Rider (134-97-124, 185cm, 18.5m) - some "interesting" graphics
Blizzard Bonafide (135-98-118, 180cm, 21.0m) - you're big enough and skilled enough to handle this ski properly
Nordica Patron (143-113-132, 185cm, 18.5m) - once again you'll have to get "past" the graphics. :o

The sleeper is really the Nordica Soul Rider.  Lately both Finn and dawg have been "waxing ecstatic" about this ski on Epic and I have to completely agree.  It's just a wonderful ride that rewards without punishing in any particular condition.

BTW - My avatar is a demo run on the Patron.  Think a 113mm underfoot ski can achieve some angles on hard pack? ;)

I did get to demo the Bonafide for a morning at Northstar in eastern ice conditions. It's competent, but, not sure I want a high 90's waist and doubt I'd get much use at home. Soul Rider would be one I would like to try, Finn loves too many skis. No way a Patron makes sense for me at 113 waist. Can you comment on the stiffness of the Soul Rider? I'll have to check out the Savage. I'm thinking more in the 85 - 90 range, similar to what Gary gets with the Kastle 84. Did you try the Kastle LX 92?

And, I just wish that I could get the angles displayed in your avatar. Some very great skiing going on there. Are you coming to Big Sky, have not seen you sign-in?