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Re: Am I Off My Rocker
« on: February 23, 2013, 08:37:51 am »

Thanks for the thinking. My knee pain is simply the aging process. :-[ There are very few of my age that I would trade knees with, I'm very fortunate in that respect. Just skiing for 6 straight days in Tahoe last year took many weeks of rest and rehab to get back to normal. We are in violent agreement that a softer ski should be tried.

Admittedly, I don't understand wide skis, they feel clumsy. Another issue is that I'm not a big mountain skier in that ungroomed conditions are something I just don't deal with on a daily basis. Not sure new boots will have a positive effect, I do hope some of the work I've done recently on being better centered pays off. I was just reviewing my gear review post from last year in Tahoe and the ski I was most excited about was the Kastle LX 82, but, at that waist, it's a ski I understand. Perhaps the good experience with the LX 82 and the reviews of the Rev 85 are pointing me in a narrower (mid 80's) ski direction, plus, I can use them at home in the spring.

Demoing a western ski is a crap shoot. One day only at the conditions available that day, the next day, it's the wrong ski as conditions change. I'd be inclined to find a great deal, ski it for a week and if it does not work, sell it "north of the border".

Your review of Big Sky conditions based on Alberta snow is interesting. I wonder if observing the skis of those actually at a western mountain is in perfect alignment with the ski forums passion for wider skis? Somehow, I doubt it. ::)

Still have 3 weeks to figure this out.