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PRD 12's vs 14's??

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Hey Folks,
I am looking at a ski purchase that includes PRD 14's. The only difference I can see in the PRD 12's  vs 14's from the tech specs is the din range 3.5 vs 4.0 (bottom end) and perhaps the paint job?
Looking at their 5'8"....140lbs....type II...over the half century mark, if I am reading correctly, I seem to be right at the bottom end, possibly below the recommended din setting. Again, if I am looking at it right.
It is a smokin deal on the skis and bindings, but not so "smokin" if  the bindings aren't a good fit for me.
I am not at all familiar with the PRD bindings or the chart which is a bit like yahtzee, move one square this way, two that.
Any feedback appreciated....

The main difference is the upper release value (12 vs 14) and that's where they get the name difference.
Lynn and I have the Power Rail's (or the Fischer equivalent) on all of our skis, and like them quite well.  they make it especally easy to move the skis fore and aft of the standard mounting positions.

The other factor in finding your DIN settng is boot sole length.  I would be surprised if you were a 3.5, but you are almost certainly less than 6.0.  I don't think there would be a noticeable difference between the two in that range.  FWIW, I have the PRD 12 because that's what came with one pair of skis and I like the fact that my 6.5 DIN setting is more in the middle of the PRD 12 range.  My guess would be that the PRD14's would be a bit heavier as well (with a bit more metal and less plastc in the build),

The Type II and the over 50 cancel each other, so find the right line on the chart and read the value in the column that matches your boot sole length. However, I will confess that we ignore the "over 50" reduction -- we still exert the same pressure on the ski as when we were 49, and I don't think my bones have gotten that much more brittle.  I think Midwif has a 5.0 DIN, and she is 120 lbs, Type II, over 50, and a 280 mm boot sole length.  Also, don't set the bindings yourself; let a shop do it and torque test the release values -- but I think the PRD 14's would be fine for you.  Note that mismatches in height/weight can cause you to use a different line on the chart, but that seldom comes into play.

What are the skis under the bindings?

Thanks for the info Jim....The Skis are Head Rev 85 Pro's...I just finished a two day demo on a pair and really got along well with them. While I am sure I did not extract the upper performance level out of the skis, they were trustworthy, user friendly and.....FUN.
I lucked upon the demo. I contacted an LSS to see if I could get ahold of some Ipeak 78 pros or 84's. They didnt have them but had just received a flat pair of the Rev's. They mounted them up with Marker Griffon Demo Bindings on a rental plate and I was the first on the slopes with them. I was a bit dissapointed that the bindings look like they have been rode hard and put out wet but they seem to work o.k. I am also in deliberation with the shop to purchase those particular skis as my demo $$ would go towards purchase.
Not a deal breaker in terms of the ski and demo bindings (if the price were right) but I just felt as if the ski would perform best with bindings designed for the idea of  diagonal heel release and an "unused" binding with fore/aft adjust....without plate. (Although I probably would not notice the difference in performance with or without rental plate)

ps: Looking at the chart again...if age and type cancel out....going by weight which is on a different line than height and a 306 looks like I would be somewhere around 4.5 so indeed they look like they would work fine.


I was eyeing the Rev 85 last this past weekend in Gary's LSS where they were having a 50% sale. Memory tells me that the skis did include bindings and, as displayed, they had the tracks for Head bindings on the skis. Just guessing, but, they may not be sold flat, other than your demo. I believe the PRD will give you a little more stack height over the demo bindings, which, is a plus for me.

Good choice on the ski. I thought long and hard about it, as I want a ski to take west in that width. It gets great reviews from Real Skiers, and, others.

Here's another option to consider: buy the skis flat and have bindings mounted separately. For you a 14 or 12 DIN is overkill. I bought a pair of Movement Jams last year and had Railflex 2 bindings mounted. Railflex 2 are the predecessor of the PRDs. I got a deal from Level Nine Sports where I sent them my skis and they mounted and return shipped them to me; I only paid for the cost of the binding itself. I had my local shop adjust and test the bindings. Total costs were still cheaper than the ski seller's binding choice (Markers).


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