Author Topic: PRD 12's vs 14's??  (Read 1118 times)


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Re: PRD 12's vs 14's??
« on: February 05, 2013, 03:55:48 pm »
Your right LP..the skis and 14 bindings are a package deal the seller can't deviate from. Ironically, same seller had the REV85's with PR11's a week or two ago and I asked if they could put 12's on them and was told no. (seller not really a "shop" per se) Now they have a set with 14's when "all I really want for xmas is the 12's"... :D
Smackboy, agree the 14's and potential overkill. The railflex option looks good if I could find the ski flat for cheap. The LSS ski (with demo bindings) might be able to come close in price, however, in the end, just not sure I could parse parts, services and shipping to come in much under $499 to my door for that ski w/quality binding.
LP...if you're considering and havent skied them you should take them for a spin. Relaxing and stable under foot, while I didn't stand them on edge and catapult off turns, they seemed to carve smoothly and effectively when I needed. No real powder to be had but saved my bacon and allowed me to ugly my way down a slope of windblown dust over half a foot old chop.   
On the binding issue....I am searching for an option for my BlizzMag7.6's to give me fore/aft adj. But it seems my options are limited with the IQ plate system. At least none of the shops in my area know of an option other than guessing at the fore mount position and hoping for the best.
I am finding the whole "integrated binding" concept as annoying as tech companies and proprietary accessory recepticles for their phones. I have a box full of car and wall chargers of various configs if anyone needs that rant... ;D
Any thoughts for options there would be appreciated.
Thx for the feedback guys.