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Re: Demo list for Perry
« on: February 11, 2013, 06:17:26 am »
I had a phone discussion with Philpug yesterday, and, was talking about the Rev 85 as a possible candidate for my Big Sky March trip. Phil is very positive about the 85 and felt it would be a great fit for me as I'm a short radius turner, rather than a GS ripper. So if the right deal shows up, I may do it.

As to length, I'm inclined to go shorter as the reduced turning radius fits my style better. I've spent this season on a shorter Hart Pulse (170 when the traditional thinking would recommend a 178) and I've no regrets whatsoever, but, that's solely based on what makes me happy. So if I get a Head 85 it will be the 178. BTW, I happen to like the black based Rev graphics.

Perry, mentioned Gary and his FX 84 vs MX 78. In NY last week, 3 of 4 days he used the MX 78 as the snow was traditional east coast packed hard stuff.  He told me the prime difference between the two skis was the MX's hold the edge until a distinct releasing movements occur, whereas, FX 84 initiated turns much easier, a plus in soft snow. Gary did modify the rear of his MX 78 to ease the releasing aspects. I hope he chimes in, but, that's my interpretation.

All this fine tuning makes my head hurt! We had 10 people skiing last week, nobody said their skis sucked.  ;D