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Re: Demo list for Perry
« on: February 10, 2013, 09:30:27 pm »
Perry, I wouldn't be hesitant to go to a 184 for the Peak 84.  My comments about maneuverability were meant more in a relative sense, when compared to say, an Outland 87, or a light Fischer or Atomic.  The Peak 84 in the 184 were by no means hard to bring around -- I could make short, long, medium turns at will.  It was very easy to ski in that length.  It's just not as light and flickable as other skis I've tried; simply more damp, more measured in it's movements.  Sort of in between say a light agile Fischer, and a damp crudbuster Dynastar (if you've ever tried one of those...Mythic Rider, Sultan 94, for example). 

The tip of the Peak 84 is rather soft, and that makes it easy to bend and crank out short turns -- just pressure the tips, lay 'em over and bring 'em round.  They do not lock you into one turn shape either, which is a quality I really value in a ski.  Once in a turn, you can basically make them go where you want and change direction easily.

So, if this is to be primarily a western ski, I don't have any problem recommending the 184 length to you.  But you can ask Gary - he was with me the day I demoed these.  He is a pretty observant bloke, and doesn't miss much.