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Re: Demo list for Perry
« on: February 10, 2013, 02:40:24 pm »
Thanks that is helpful and thanks for the tip on the ipeaks - the only problem is that it has created a dilemma. From my research, it seems pretty clear that the ipeaks would be a better groomer ski - everybody pretty much says this...and the Rev is a better off-piste ski.  Phil calls the Rev more playful.  I have to say it is hard to know given that he is selling skis and probably has the REV and not the ipeaks.  He does have a rep of being pretty down to earth.

I keep thinking about the Rock and Roll - the length is right in between at 180 and should be perfect.  JB's and others including HH have been pretty glowing.

Last thought is that the ipeaks 90 might split the difference between the 84 and REV 85.

So you can see that I have a firm grasp on what I want to do!! :o